Window Replacement in Albuquerque, NM

Are You in Need of Window Replacement?

Windows tend to have a long lifespan. While that's great news for your bank account, unfortunately, it also means that many people don't know when a replacement is in their best interests. At Lujan & Sons Construction, we're experts in window glass replacement, and we can let you know if it's time to invest in brand-new windows. Whether your old windows are beginning to hurt the curb appeal of your home or they're not as energy efficient as they used to be, we can help. Our Albuquerque, NM team has years of experience replacing windows and restoring comfort and beauty to local homes. Find out what we can do for you.

When to Replace Your Windows

Of course, you don't want to invest time and money in a home window replacement if it isn't necessary. As such, it's a good idea to know what signs to look for that indicate your windows are on their last legs. Ask us about replacement services if any of the following circumstances apply to you:

  • The window frames are fading
  • Hot air leaks into your home from outside
  • You want to revamp your home's curb appeal
  • Dust and debris are entering your home through the windows
  • Your utility bills have increased for no other reason
  • You don't want to overwork your air conditioning unit

Our Window Replacement Process

Installing new windows doesn't have to be a hassle. The team at Lujan & Sons Construction has the process down to a science. Our experienced installers will have your new windows ready to go in a fraction of the time you might expect. Although some cases are different, here's what typically happens during the replacement process:

  • Day 1: We make sure we've ordered the correct windows. If there are no problems, we bring in the new windows and begin removing the old ones. Our team will always use drop cloths to ensure your floors aren't damaged. When we leave for the day, we'll make sure we leave nothing behind.
  • Day 2: We finish installing your new windows. Once all the glass is placed, we'll move outside to work on the exterior trim. Now that your windows are perfectly installed, our team will take special care to clean any debris left behind during the installation process.
  • Day 3: In some cases, we need an extra day to ensure that everything is done up to our standards. We'll make sure to let you know beforehand if we think your project might take additional time.

Benefits of Replacement Window Installation

Window screen replacement comes with a slew of benefits beyond just curb appeal. Many of these benefits will last you years to come, and your brand-new windows will pay for themselves in no time! Explore just a few of the benefits you could take advantage of:

  • Top-notch construction leading to a longer lifespan
  • Increased beauty inside and outside your home
  • Exceptional warranties
  • Decreased or reasonable utility bills
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Easier to open and close
  • Opportunity to customize to your home's unique style

Why So Many Choose Us

At Lujan & Sons Construction, we're committed to high-quality services and window replacement parts. We understand the vital importance of your home's windows, and we want to ensure your home stays comfortable throughout the seasons. While New Mexico isn't known for the cold, temperatures can drop at night. You need a product that protects you from any outside temperature, and our team can provide that for you. We stand by all our offerings, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction. After all, customer happiness is our number one priority!

Contact Our Team Today

If you're interested in vinyl window replacement, our team would be happy to speak with you. We'll walk you through all the details about your installation and give you a transparent cost estimate. We work with all the most popular brands and styles to provide you with the perfect results. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you.


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