Albuquerque Window Replacement that Saves Money


Unless one or more of your windows are broken, there’s no reason to replace them, right? Not exactly. When is the last time you had an energy audit? Many people with standard windows in their home don’t realize how much harder their heating and cooling systems are working, due to the fact that their windows aren’t providing as much insulation as they thought.


If you’re in this group, don’t feel bad— you’re definitely not alone. Windows are probably one of the furthest things from your mind when you’re considering all the responsibilities of living your daily life, but maybe you should give your windows more thought.


Lujan & Sons Construction can make window replacement quick and easy, saving you money in the process. We carry and install the leading brands in energy-efficient windows and can offer you an upgrade in insulation that significantly lowers your energy bills. 


How Much Can Energy Efficient Windows Save?

New Mexico is known for the heat, but can also get down to temperatures in the 20s and 30s during the winter nights. While it’s likely your cooling system will be handling most of the work, there are times when you’ll have the heat on in your home as well.


If your windows aren’t keeping hot or cool air in when you need them to, your heating and cooling systems will be working much harder than necessary. This won’t just increase your energy bills, it will cause your HVAC system to wear out quicker and potentially not reach its expected lifespan. Energy-saving windows can change this.


According to ENERGY STAR, using certified ENERGY STAR windows, homeowners in the Mountain region of the United States (where New Mexico is located) can save an average of $381 per year when replacing single-pane windows, and an average of $61 per year when replacing double-pane, clear glass windows. We carry some of the leading brands in ENERGY STAR certified windows, and can install replacement windows that save you money.


We Make Replacement Easy

With Lujan & Sons Construction, a full-house window replacement is easy, quick, and painless. We can replace your windows with high-quality, energy-efficient windows, increasing the efficiency of your home in a way that’s quick and easy. We can also haul away old windows, leaving you no responsibilities in the way of clean-up.



Contact us or call us today to learn more about energy-efficient windows!